The Power of Creative Visualization

3 years ago · 2 MIN READ

Creative visualization is a form of therapy, also known as imagery therapy, that can be used for many things in your life. Even some doctors use imagery therapy to help patients heal faster. Mainly, people use it to move towards goals, feel more positive about their lives, and be more productive. The idea is to visualize that you’re achieving something, or attracting something, and believing in it.

The first rule of creative visualization is to relax and get yourself into a meditative state of mind. This is when auto-suggestion can work. It’s more powerful when you relax in the “alpha” state of mind, and it’s what allows you to essentially program yourself to achieve what you’re visualizing, whether that’s health, happiness, success, or whatever else.

When you visualize, think huge, massive, HD television screen in front of you. Don’t visualize things in the back of your eyelids. Picture a massive TV screen. Next, you have to visualize the situation that you’re currently in that you want to heal. For example, if you injured your back at the gym, see yourself there getting the back injury and feel that pain. Relive it and let the negative emotions flow through you. When you start by seeing that which you do not want, you get the best results.

Next, envision yourself erasing that painful scene. Now, you can visualize a new scene that you want to bring into the world. Make it vivid, colourful, joyous, emotional. Try to incorporate all of your senses. In the example above, now we would be envisioning all that we could do with a healthy back. Running, playing with kids, jumping, playing football, and being pain-free. What does the field you’re playing in smell like? What does the air taste like? What do you hear? What does the grass feel like beneath your feet? How do you feel? What is it like to be able to play football without worry?

One rule of the final image is that you should try to see two or more people benefitting from this new, positive visualization. Who else benefits from you being healthy? This makes us more likely to achieve what we’re visualizing.

After you’ve finished visualizing and considering who benefits, say to yourself this affirmation: “let this or something better happen”. Then, you can come away from your visualization.

Creative visualization works for health, achieving goals, changing something in your life, and whatever other negative life situations you have that you want to make different. Even if you don’t know how to change it, visualization is still a huge benefit to helping you get to that end-goal. It’s a powerful tool that helps people to function better in life and accelerate their goals. It’s a healthy practice to adopt every day.


Gustavo Chiechelski

Gustavo is the CEO and Founder of Visual Motivator and has over 12 years of experience in web development. Gustavo holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and a MBA from Auckland University of Technology (AUT).