Tony Robbins: The Magic of Visualization

3 years ago · 2 MIN READ

In life, so many people want for something but never take action on it. They’re not willing to take risks, and it’s because they’re waiting for certainty. They want to be absolutely certain that with whatever they do, it’s going to get the exact result that they want. Then, their lives will be changed. People are not willing to take action without this certainty.

We’ve heard thousands of times in our lives that “practice makes perfect”, but even practice sometimes isn’t enough, or sometimes getting the motivation to practice feels impossible. We need to believe that we can succeed. One great example of this is the famous runner, Roger Bannister. He runs an incredible 4-minute mile that people had been trying to do for centuries. He practiced physically, of course, but it was changing his mind to believe that he could do it that helped him find the ability to succeed in his goal. After he was able to do it, 37 other people were able to do it because they saw that it was possible.

Tapping our potential is only possible if we can take action. Potential doesn’t mean much of anything if we don’t take action. The “Holy Grail of Belief” or “Holy Grail of Momentum” is what creates the ability to do whatever we want to do. Most people have a pre-set notion about how much potential they have, so they don’t take as much action as they really could – they limit themselves. Then, they don’t get the results they desire. So, in the end, thinking big and being certain in yourself is what creates the best results. Getting these great results reinforces the certainty in yourself, and the cycle continues to fulfil itself.

How do we develop the certainty? You have to visualize that you already have the results, focus on them, and become borderline obsessed with it. Convincing yourself that you have these results reinforces your certainty in your ability to take action. Being certain reduces hesitancy.

If you believe that you can succeed, you can build the energy to condition yourself to do so. You can live the life that you envision by getting the belief to become real. Believing yourself increases your potential, which increases your action, which increases your results, which increases your certainty. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy!

This is the game-changing “holy grail” of visualization. You can start small and envision yourself having a great day, and you can have a great day. But creating a ritual is where the bigger goals are achieved, and where the lifetime of success is created.

It doesn’t just extend to yourself, either. If you condition yourself to believe before needing to be proved something in order to believe, you can work to improve your life and you can even work to generate sales. If you keep a high belief, you keep high expectations. Scepticism doesn’t require anything, you start at zero. Scepticism is being too afraid to lose. By getting your hopes up, you leave yourself open to disappointment. The key is being able to take disappointment and letting it drive you instead of letting it break you. Be relentless. “You’ve got two things in life. You’ve got results, or you’ve got a story.”

With some basic conditioning, you can learn to generate certainty in yourself. Success isn’t reserved for the 1%. The moment to change your life doesn’t come to you when it’s ready. You have to be ready and act on it yourself.


Gustavo Chiechelski

Gustavo is the CEO and Founder of Visual Motivator and has over 12 years of experience in web development. Gustavo holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from The Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) and a MBA from Auckland University of Technology (AUT).